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Respected sir,
It’s me. Didn’t recognise me? It’s okay. I never occupied that first bench to get your attention either. I never gave you my expensive pens and not asking for it later. I never conveyed your message to other staff members ever. I was bound to be unrecognized. Or should I say, I was never allowed to be recognized.
The academic session began with that first lecture when you showed up and asked to introduce ourselves along with the “PERCENTAGE’ we passed out with. Henceforth, I learned to judge people by their academic capability. Not to mention, your changes in gesture towards students according to their marks. That “IMPRESSIVE” look to the 90% guy and that “GOOD FOR NOTHING” look to the student with 50%. If only you had considered to ask them what other things they were good at.
Then came the time when you are supposed to make us sit because of course, we are too novice to decide what’s our best position in the class and you better than anyone knew the right bench we deserv…
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Probably, an ounce of EGO I guess. Or at least, something worthier enough than to revert to the person who might be waiting out there for that one “TEXT” back.

In this generation of texting and multi-media we have somehow managed to put those good old post-mails and telegrams out of service. We did succumb to this texting and SMSing game quite shamelessly and apologetically. And in the midst of all that, we did realized that our value in some other’s perception is based on the amount of ignorance we throw to them by not responding to a message- like a girl to that “friend-zoned” guy like a guy to that “annoying” cousin or WORSE like a grand-son to his needy folks
Everyone has their side of story to tell. They say they were too busy to respond but weren’t busy enough to unlock their phones, then checking the person who sent it, reading that message to the whole and then deciding to not reply back.
Sure, the message wasn’t important enough to reply back to the person or at least asking them …


Yes, I under-rated her.
Of all the things I expected her to do for me, she couldn’t manage to get some of them right which was enough to piss me off.
I took her annoyance in the form of offence and felt proud about how much smarter I am than her, courtesy of all the sacrifices she went through to give me more than what I deserved.
She always helped me get through the tough times. If not by lending a hand but being my emotional support. I might have made a greater equation with some of my best friends but when life gave me the toughest of the situations, she was the one who came to my mind first.
I had reached to an age where I always had an answer for her question by discounting the fact that her point was not to conquer the situation but to make me teach a lesson out of it. Simply, I ignored her and that explains my arrogance.
Will it count as a co-incidence if every morning, in order to get me the best toast, she ate the burnt one in the process?
And I would simply skip the food as I was …


It was the day.
She was returning to the city after two long years from the states, we school friends had organized a reunion for her. Things did change quite a bit for her. Good dressing sense, more classified personality from before and yeah, that accent. Nobody was eager enough than me for her to come. Five years of schooling together but I never told anyone about my feelings for her. Never after the moment when she once punned on me that I was more like a brother to her. Instagram-proof that she is dating back in the US and was pretty much committed to her guy. Didn’t affected me much. I have been used to these pain ever since she left us. It was just that one-sided love which kept me thinking about her more often. As I was talking about her improved dressing sense, she lightened that already enlightened evening with a red backless dress she wore. Damn, am I the only one who fell for these girl? She came in and started hugging all of her friends. I was standing right behind her so that…


You must be thinking one month since this so-called blogger flooded your phones with please read, like, comment ,share, subscribe and suddenly coming up with this new blog. Well to be honest, Blogger has a sacred right of closing your page without informing you and make way for better content. Since, I was struggling to look for a material worth sharing and my oriented topics were supposed to be on life, relations and all youth-centric stuffs. So, I tried to work on those when my schedule was hit by a massive bolt. "EXAMS". You can read my blog "BEFORE THE EXAM" on my page. I am making it short so here I am...

I may fail the semester.
I may appear for remedials.
I may don't get a college of my choice.
I may end up being a loser.
These are the nighmares we usually get after a bad semester. We try to figure out what really went wrong. Lack of study hours, more eyes on crush than on professor, thinking about places you can go with your talent rather than licking …


It's finally here. The exam. Yes, it is. No you are not dreaming. Semester ending has come.

This is what I say to myself in the exam mornings while waking up. In my life, sleep and lust makes no difference. Both makes me do wrong things at the wrong time only to realize it later that it shouldn't have happened at the first place. The latter one's under control but the sleep is too adamant to make me leave my bed.

BED- It's just an exam, love.
ME- Which is enough to f*** up my life.
BED- You will leave me for something that happens only once a semester(EXAMS) ?
ME- Trust me love. I will make up to you soon as the exam gets over. Imagine, whole day just you, me and the pillow.
BED-What if you forget me?
ME- Never in my life ever.
BED- It's our last morning. Make it worth it. Snooze that b**** for another 10 minutes.
ME- Bout time...

I was just romancing with my bed when a kick on my ass got me back to reality. Of-course, it was mom. She is more worried about exams t…


        It was Sunday afternoon.i was lying on my bed thinking how i have wasted half of my the meantime,i was wasting the other half by giving too much of time to think about it.i know how this will the night,i will regret for being lazy throughout the whole day and promise myself to make my next weekend worthwhile.that regret wont seem too effective though. i have been regretting about my bad weekends ever since the day i knew the meaning of the word 'regret'. but that Sunday was something else. i never had such an urge to make my weekend worthy as the laziness and boredom was getting on my nerves. so i decided to pen down a list of things that can be done till the end of the day so that i can at least save myself from one regretful weekend. i took my notepad and started penning down stuffs which were doable at that moment. first came into my mind was asking out my crush for coffee. it seemed like a good idea when suddenly i watched myself into the mirror.i …